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How to Fold Napkins with Silverware and Napkin Ring

Whether you’re planning a dinner party, a birthday bash, or some other kind of get-together, a well-presented table is always a surefire way to impress your guests. And one of the best ways to make a table look terrific is with properly folded napkins, wrapped around silverware and fitted with napkin rings.

This guide will show you exactly how to fold napkins with silverware and a napkin ring.

How to Fold Napkins with Silverware and Napkin Ring

How to Fold Napkins with Silverware in a Simple Rectangular Wrap

The first time you see fancy folded napkins and silverware, you might assume that they’re pretty tricky to do. However, you might be surprised to know that it’s quite simple. And if you’re looking to learn how to fold napkins with silverware the easy way, you can’t go wrong with this classic rectangular wrap:

  1. Place your napkin flat down on the table, with the back facing toward you and the edges oriented to look like a square.
  2. Fold the bottom edge up by a couple of inches – this creates a kind of pocket for the silverware.
  3. Tuck your silverware behind the folded part, on the right side of the napkin. Stack each item of silverware up, beginning with the knife and then the fork. Fold the top end of your napkin down to cover the top of your cutlery.
  4. Adjust the two folds so that they meet in the middle.
  5. Roll the napkin up, starting at the right side. Wrap it tightly, keeping the silverware tucked in.
  6. Slide your napkin ring over the top to keep your roll together.

How to Fold Napkins with Silverware in a Classic Diamond Wrap

If the standard rectangle wrap isn’t decorative enough for you, you may prefer the diamond wrap. This method of how to fold napkins with silverware is also quite simple to learn, and the final roll looks quite fancy and elegant.

  1. Put your napkin down on the table, angled to look like a diamond, with one of the corners pointing right down at you.
  2. Fold the bottom corner up to make a triangle shape, with a straight edge at the base.
  3. Stack your cutlery horizontally across the bottom of the napkin, starting with the knife, then the fork, and the spoon on top.
  4. Fold the left and right corners inward, joining them together at the middle.
  5. Starting from the bottom, fold the napkin upward tightly. Make sure to keep all the silverware together.
  6. Finish off by running your napkin ring down the roll.
Pink napkin isolated on a transparent background

How to Fold Napkins with Silverware in a Pretty Little Pouch

The previous two methods completely cover your silverware. But you might prefer an approach that lets you see the tops of each piece of cutlery instead. Here’s how to fold napkins with silverware in a pouch:

  1. Place your napkin flat like a diamond on the table.
  2. Put your silverware items side-by-side in the top-center of the napkin, with the ends covering the top corner.
  3. Fold the bottom corner of your napkin up to the top, covering the silverware and forming a triangle shape.
  4. Fold the left corner over towards the right, covering the silverware, but not going all the way to the corner.
  5. Bring the right corner all the way over to the left, going past the edge by a couple of inches. Keep the lines nice and straight and make sure the silverware is still in place.
  6. Tuck the right corner of your napkin beneath the pouch and then place the napkin ring over the roll.

How to Fold Napkins with Silverware: Tips and Tricks for Additional Elegance

We’ve covered three different methods for how to fold napkins with silverware and napkin rings. But you still might want a few extra flourishes to make your dinner table even fancier. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind to add a little more elegance:

Cloth checked napkin on wooden
  • Layer Up: One way to make your napkin folds even more enticing is to use two napkins instead of one. Use the same methods described above, but layer two napkins together rather than one. This can be especially effective for pouches, giving them two layers of color wrapped around the silverware.
  • Add Decorative Elements: You can also jazz up your folded napkins by adding a couple of decorative touches. For example, once you’ve folded your napkins, place some small autumn leaves or flowers on top, then run your napkin ring over the top to secure them in place. Alternatively, tie some pretty ribbon around your napkin ring to make it more decorative.

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