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10 Creative Custom Cocktail Napkins to Have at Your Wedding

It's the details that make a wedding memorable. Things like color palettes, décor, and ambiance play a vital role in elevating the overall event and creating a long-cherished memory.

Custom wedding cocktail napkins are a great example. Being much smaller than full-blown dinner napkins, cocktail napkins are versatile while still allowing for more formality that a wedding requires. While some napkin designs might inspire a more relaxed approach, others can communicate class and sophistication.

Here, we'll cover ten creative custom wedding cocktail napkins.

10 Creative Custom Cocktail Napkins to Have at Your Wedding

Wedding Cocktail Napkins as Name Tag Place Holders

If your wedding has a specific seating arrangement (as do most weddings), consider printing out guests' names on each napkin and placing them in the appropriate place. Sure, custom wedding cocktail napkins are disposable. However, they can still be a creative way to save money on traditional placeholders.

With this double function, they also minimize clutter on tables, leaving room for other decorations and opening up space.

Use Love Themed Quotes

Your wedding is all about spending your life with the person you love. As a couple, you can add your favorite inspiring quotes to your wedding cocktail napkins. We recommend avoiding clichés, as this may cheapen the overall experience.

Instead, look for deep and meaningful citations from your favorite writers, artists, or even from each other. Some examples may include:

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom." – Charles Dickens

"Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another." – George Elliot

"To love someone is to see a miracle invisible to others." – Francois Mauriac

Use a Custom Toast on Your Wedding Cocktail Napkin

No wedding is complete without the right toasts. You'll receive a few as the bride and groom on your big day. Consider printing small toasts on your custom napkins to return the favor. There's no need to complicate the message. A simple "cheers" or "to friends, love, and family" will do the trick nicely.

Flower on wedding cocktail napkins

Custom Hand-Painted Pictures

If you have an artist in the family, consider having them create a custom picture for your wedding cocktail napkins. It could be the meaningful place where you first met or any other meaningful scene that reminds you of your enduring relationship.

You can then digitize the design and have a napkin printing company such as CustomNapkinsNow deliver hundreds of napkins with that design to your doors.

Fun Facts About Your Significant Other

Your family and friends will be at your wedding, but some may not know much about your soon-to-be spouse. Help your guests get to know them by adding cute anecdotes, stories, or fun facts about your relationship.

 These creative custom wedding cocktail napkins can also be conversation starters between the guests, helping those unacquainted to break the ice and have a good time.

Elegant Initials

Quotes can be fun, but the bride's and groom's initials are great for adding an elegant yet subtle touch to your wedding cocktail napkins. Be sure to find a font and color pallet that matches the wedding's overall theme and tone. The background should also highly contrast the lettering for the best visibility.

Use Linen Instead of Paper

Many wedding couples will use paper for wedding cocktail napkins while using larger, linen napkins for receptions and wedding dinners. However, linen can work perfectly well with cocktail napkins, too. By making this simple material switch, you can elevate the décor, adding an extra touch of sophistication and class to the event.

Cocktail Recipe Napkins

If you're serving outstanding drinks at your cocktail wedding, guests will appreciate having the recipes for themselves! For these custom napkins, you can list the ingredients and steps to making each drink alongside an illustration. Guests will be more enticed to save these napkins, and it can be a great way to spark conversation.

Use a Full-Color Photo

We like to think that a snapshot of the happy couple is good luck for the amazing years. To make the most of this custom wedding napkin, look for a picture that perfectly encapsulates your relationship. It could be that first picture of a couple or a photo taken on the day they proposed. Either way, a picture is a fun and meaningful way to add personality to your wedding cocktail napkin.

Cloth napkin with wooden background customnapkins

Cocktail Menu Napkins

De-cluttering all the extras can open up space for your cocktail. It means you can have less crowded tables, giving an overall clean look. Of course, you can always add extra flowers, too! In any case, a cocktail napkin can also double as a menu. That way, guests can quickly order their favorite drinks. It also incentivizes them to keep their napkins until the night's end. Since wedding cocktail napkins tend to be smaller, you don't need to put the full menu on it. Instead, opt for specialties or the bride's and groom's favorite cocktails.

Tips for Cocktail Napkins

Before you settle on your favorite customization for your wedding cocktail napkins, make sure they match the rest of the table decor. Don't worry; many conventions aren't set in stone but make the whole cocktail easier.

You also don't want to be short on napkins on the big day. As a general rule, you should factor in one napkin per guest for every hour of the event. It might sound excessive, but it's always better to have extra than not enough. However, you can always keep the unused napkins for personal use.

Whichever type of wedding cocktail napkins you choose, we're sure you'll make the right selection for the big day!

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