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5 Disposable Dinner Napkins for Your Party

There are all sorts of reasons to buy disposable dinner napkins. Clean-up is the obvious one – you don’t have to worry about laundry because the napkins are single-use and go into the trash when your guests are finished with them.

Then, there are the cost and customization options. Disposable dinner napkins cost substantially less than linen or cotton napkins – usually pennies on the dollar – and they can be specially printed to feature any design you want. That’s ideal for business dinners and dinner parties where you want to add a little pizzazz to proceedings.

Typically made using paper, these napkins can also be folded and configured to be more decorative than a napkin that’s simply left on a table. With that in mind, here are five folding ideas you can use for the disposable dinner napkins at your party.

5 Disposable Dinner Napkins for Your Party

Idea 1 – The Ghost Napkin Fold

Halloween is the perfect time to bust out this type of dinner napkin fold, as you can create a little ghost out of even the most basic of napkins as a decorative piece. Here’s how:

  1. Fold the napkin in half to create a triangular shape.
  2. Unfold the napkin again and smooth it out to see a line in the center. Orient the napkin in a diamond shape.
  3. Fold the bottom left and right sides halfway into the top center, creating a kite shape.
  4. Take the top corners of the folded bits and fold them back out to create two small triangles that slightly overlap the napkin.
  5. Flip your napkin over and fold over the overlapping flaps of your triangles.
  6. Keeping the napkin flipped, fold the left and right corners into the center line.
  7. Fold the top edge down (towards you) to “round out” the ghost’s head.
  8. Flip the napkin back over and create a fold above the “folded” arms to signify the neck.
  9. Fold the bottom slightly to the left or right to make a tail.
  10. Draw a face on your ghost above the neckline using a black marker. Make sure to use a non-toxic marker.

You end up with a spooky sensation that’s perfect for your Halloween shindig.

Idea 2 – The Pocket Fold

If you’d prefer to class things up – as you may at a fancy dinner party – the classic pocket fold is an excellent choice, especially if your disposable dinner napkins have an attractive floral design. The process is simple:

  1. Lay the napkin flat and fold the top part a quarter of the way down the square.
  2. Hold the bottom part of the napkin up so it slightly covers the folded top part.
  3. Flip your napkin and fold it into thirds.
  4. Flip the napkin again and you should see a little pocket.
Set of white folded square rectangular triangular napkins top view on background

That pocket is perfect for placing a name card or similar decoration.

Idea 3 – The Pouch Fold

Sticking with the “pocket” theme, you can use the pouch fold if you have large disposable dinner napkins that you wish to wrap around your cutlery. It’s a relatively simple fold to follow:

  1. Fold your napkin in half twice so you create a four-layered square. Some disposable napkins already come in that shape.
  2. Take the first layer and fold its far-left corner diagonally so it meets the near-right corner.
  3. Turn the napkin over.
  4. Fold the rightmost quarter side into the center, pressing it down flat.
  5. Fold the leftmost side into the center so it meets the folded right side.

Flip the napkin over after completing these steps and you should get a cool diagonal pouch – perfect for slotting in knives and forks.

You can make this design more intricate by folding three layers one after another (in Step 2), with each ending about half an inch before the corner of the previous one, then tucking the corner into the outer crease. You end up with three pockets to put a fork, spoon, and knife into.

Idea 4 – The Heart

Love may be in the air at your party and you want your disposable dinner napkins to showcase that love. Creating a heart is the perfect choice (bonus points if you order red napkins). However, you’ll need a napkin that is shaped like a rectangle, with one side twice as long as the other. Here’s how you to fold it:

  1. Lay your napkin down with the long edge down and fold it in half height-wise (making a 1:4 rectangle).
  2. Fold the left side upward along the rectangle’s center, followed by doing the same with the right side. You should end up with an inversed “house” shape.
  3. (Optional) Flip the napkin over so it shows a pouch or pocket.
  4. Locate the inner right corner on the top and fold it behind the napkin. Crease firmly.
  5. Repeat Step 4 with the inner left corner of your napkin.

Fold the outer right corner behind the napkin, followed by the outer left.

Flatware with napkin on checkered tablecloth

The heart will have a pouch at the front where you can place a message or silverware.

Firm creases are the key to this idea if you want your disposable dinner napkins to maintain their new shape for as long as possible.

Idea 5 – The Bow

Cute and a little coquettish are the orders of the day with the bow, which resembles the ribbon you might wear in your hair – perfect for a girly tea party. Follow these steps:

  1. Place your napkin on a flat surface and fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle.
  2. Take the top of your triangle and fold it a third of the way down to the napkin’s center before doing the same for the bottom, only folding it up a third. It should look like a long flat boat.
  3. Fold the entire napkin in half again to make it look like a long strip, ensuring you press hard to form deep creases.
  4. With the napkin still horizontal, section it into thirds.
  5. Flip the ends down about a third of the way over the napkin. You’ll know you have it right if those ends cross.
  6. Pinch the napkin and add a napkin ring to create your bow.

This idea for disposable dinner napkins works best if you have a nice patterned design printed onto your napkins and if the napkin is relatively large.

Bring Your Disposable Dinner Napkins to Life

These clever folding ideas help you to present your dinner napkins in new and exciting ways, but there’s one thing they don’t do – give you designs to place on those napkins.

For that, you need to customize your napkins with Custom Napkins Now. We can place any design you like on your napkin, ensuring it looks the part both when it’s folded and when your party guests use them. Start your order today – you can do it online and it only takes a handful of steps – and your disposable dinner napkins will arrive in a matter of days.

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